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bug bite relief patches

get back outside.

Let’s face it, bug bites suck. And no matter how much or how carefully we apply bug repellent, we still come home from every hike or camping trip with those irritating red dots. Off the Beaten Patch's soothing bug bite relief patches are your all-in-one, natural relief to bites.

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bug bite relief.

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Speed healing by soothing pain, itching, and discomfort that comes from insect bites.

No scratching with bug bite relief patch


Protect and cover to shield the affected area from scratching, irritation, and scarring.

Bug bite relief patch made from natural ingredients

Discrete and comfortable,  providing instant relief that lasts all day.

what people are saying.

Girl Hiking in Nature

Chelsea R, Florida

Through softball games, rodeo, hot tub, etc, very impressed! My daughter got a bite last night and asked for a patch today before school.

Traveler in Nature

Jeong C, California

The patches are so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them. And no more itch!

Extreme Sport

Nicole W, California

My girlfriend got a bug bite and tried the patches. It seemed to stop the itching for 24 hours and then she replaced it with another one and it was so comfortable she forgot it there for 3 days!


about us.


Like many great ideas, Off the Beaten Patch (OTB Patch) started as an irritation. No matter what creams or sprays I tried, bug bites for me were more than a little annoyance. They were a source of constant irritation and pain, leaving behind scars once they finally healed. I realized that a topical treatment isn’t enough, we need another layer of protection to fight against bites. With a background in manufacturing and sustainability, I decided to take on the challenge of finding a better way to treat bites.

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